We value our patients' experience at Taber Chiropractic & Laser Spine Therapy Center. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Drs. Diane & Ted Taber

  • They have helped me tremendously with my SI and back pain.

    - Jasmyne J.
  • Friendly staff. Dr. Taber is awesome with treatment and very friendly. I went from a 10 to a 2 on the pain scale due to his treatment and I know I'll get to 0 under continued care.

    - Tamika W.
  • This is the most lovely practice you will ever experience. The Drs are outstanding and think nothing of going the extra mile if necessary. The staff are a delight. Should you have a soft tissue injury I highly recommend the laser and decompression treatment. Entirely painless, non invasive and I experience immediate relief. Better than any medicine or injection. The laser used is a Class 4 which is not widely available. So their treatment goes beyond traditional chiropractic services and they are holistic in their approach. I have a chronic, degenerative condition which their treatment has not only assisted with the pain but has also slowed the progress. If you are looking for a chiropractic practice definitely try Taber and Taber.

    - Donna B.
  • almost no waiting time. excellent treatments to areas of need, professional, friendly, competent, effective. Good location

    - Angelika S.
  • Dr. Taber is always great. He works out my knots everytime. I recommend him for all your chiropractor needs.

    - Dena W.
  • Dr. Taber was very professional, pleasant, and thorough.

    - Joyce H.
  • Good service. Looking forward to seeing what they can do for my pain.

    - Orlando D.
  • Awesome! Love Dr D. She is very thorough and puts the patient's needs first. I would highly recommend her to anyone needing chiropractic care.

    - Sarah W.
  • Rocked my world

    - Matthew O.
  • All the staff members are pleasant and courteous.

    - Lisa H.
  • 3 visits and my pain level is now a 5 from a 9. So grateful to feel almost normal again.

    - Joann T.
  • Excellent service

    - Sharon P.
  • Dr. Taber is a great. My arthritis in my neck is much less severe. I could not turn my head all the way to the left to even check for traffic! His staff is very friendly. The office is clean and relaxing. I would highly recommended Dr. Taber.

    - Vickie D.
  • Dr. Ted is always efficient in his treatments . I’ve been coming to the practice for several years now when my issue arises for treatments.

    - Michael R.
  • This is the best chiropractic and laser service. So professional, knowledgeable about your condition, caring and super friendly staff. I recommend to anyone that needs their type of service because Taber Chiropractic/Laser is it!

    - Sheila K.
  • My first experience here was great. I was so happy with my experience. I’d recommend coming here to anyone.

    - Will T.
  • As always excellent care

    - Mildred C.
  • Always feel better when I leave The Dr. Tabers

    - Diana M.
  • Very helpful

    - Sean S.
  • Customer service is great and they care about your well being.

    - Sharon P.
  • My visit summary was explained with great detail and the video shown teaching the do’s and don’ts for back pain sufferers was informative.

    - Josette B.
  • I have relied upon Dr. Ted Taber for many years to address my spinal pain and discomfort and highly recommend him.

    - Peter B.
  • Been doing chiropractic 40 years. These people are THE BEST

    - Joanne K.
  • Dr. Taber pinpoints the problem quickly. I never get headaches but for the last two weeks had one left side of my head. I didn’t think to mention it to him until he was adjusting my neck and he knew I had one! After just one adjustment it went away and it’s not come back yet. I’m getting relief from my severe neck and back pain. If you have PHN after having shingles and have been told there is nothing that can help except medication (that really doesn’t help much) I highly suggest going to Dr. Taber.

    - Vickie D.
  • Everyone was wonderful

    - Bernadette T.
  • Very nice office, everyone was friendly.

    - Marlon M.
  • Every one is very nice and friendly

    - Evelyn P.
  • Excellent, efficient service. Very attentive to my questions. Provides meaningful feedback and a plan of action to address my concerns and needs.

    - Anita J.
  • Yes it was great

    - Antonio C.
  • The experience was fabulous.

    - Matthew O.
  • I was very impressed with the professionalism, yet friendly experience I had with Dr. Taber and his staff. He gave me a tour of the treatment rooms before we continued my consultation in his office. This was my first visit but I look forward to Dr. Taber treating my condition.

    - Sherry P.
  • Very friendly atmosphere and very much satisfied.

    - Canary M.
  • Wonderful professional care.

    - Lynette H.
  • Doctor and staff are great

    - James M.
  • Vey friendly and respectable stuff when it comes to patients ahh

    - Mfundo N.
  • They are the best at what they do. I’ll never go anywhere else!

    - Brittany W.
  • Always a great experience! I’m now pain free and feeling like myself again.

    - Keira T.
  • I'm very grateful for being referred to Taber Chiropractic. I was a bit reluctant to travel the distance but it's well worth it. I've had great PT, everyone in the office is friendly and patient. Dr. Diane Taber has a warm personality and is a great chiropractor! I am now a part of the family as long as I stay in the area!

    - Cynthia K.
  • After an injury, I had completed 6 months of PT and then was discharged. I was still on pain meds and still in pain. I didn't have any hope that Chiropratic care could or would help this pain that I thought would be forever part of my life. Dr. D. explained to me how chiropractic care could help and I began treatment. Since going to Dr. D & also Dr. T, I have recovered my quality of life - no more pain meds! I consider Dr. D. and Dr. T gifts from God. Thank you Taber Chiropractic!

    - Michele C.

    - Pamela J.
  • Im here learning more due to the help of service im receiving thankyou

    - Robert B.
  • Very professional and gave me a better understanding in what going on with me Thankyou

    - Robert B.
  • I am so thankful to have found Dr. Taber. He is a wonderful doctor who educates his patients and has helped rid me of my excruciating sciatic nerve pain. He is patient, kind, and truly cares about his patients! Thank you!

    - David F.
  • People is nice an friendly

    - Parrish B.
  • They were able to fit me in when i needed it the most!! Taber really treats you like family!

    - Sean S.
  • I always feel better after an adjustment and would recommend going to Dr. Ted and Dr. Diana Taber

    - Veronica L.
  • Awesome experience

    - Dexter C.
  • I always have the best experience from the moment I’m greeted to the time I leave. The entire staff is pleasant, and the new office is in a great location. I’ve been cared for by both Dr. Tabers and they are so thorough and make sure you leave feeling better than before, and with a wealth of knowledge to increase and maintain your back health.

    - Keira T.
  • Great Staff!!!

    - Irene A.
  • The staff very pleasant Office very clean. And Dr T is wonderful.

    - Vanessan B.
  • Ok the entire staff was nice and courteous. Dr Taber was great, explained everything and was clear as to what my issue with my back might be. A++++

    - Addae A.
  • Dr. Taber always removes the discomfort from my back and neck issues after the first visit!

    - Yvonne B.
  • Very knowledgeable staff and very polite

    - Billy C.
  • Love Dr.Taber —he’s takes the time to listen to my concerns/body aches and focus of them.

    - Joyce V.
  • Great staff!!

    - Amelia W.
  • The office staff is ALWAYS polite and friendly. Keep up the good work.

    - Alvinia C.
  • Great service!!

    - Linda C.
  • Great

    - Chayce B.
  • I am on a monthly maintenance plan. The staff is always pleasant and cheerful.

    - Robert W.
  • Dr. Taber was so professional and personal she made my visit very warm and knowledgeable. Her suggestions were right on point about my back and giving me advise and help with another problem I have she's awesome.

    - Donald H.
  • Dr. Taber is a caring physician who listened to my concerns and was able to assist me with making decisions about solving my problems. I am grateful to him and highly recommend him.

    - Linda F.
  • Dr Taber always make me feel amazing after each visit. He's tentatively to you and is just awesome

    - Dena W.
  • XGood morning , I would like to Say thank you to the staff and even the doctor the service you provided is very professional and everyone was extremely friendly I look forward to a speedy recovery and spending my payment stays with you I would recommend this facility to anyone who needs any kind of chiropractic treatment

    - Damone C.
  • Two visits in and I've immediately feel signifacasi improvement in my back stiffness and aches

    - Marion R.
  • Very professional experience always very comfortable have been with Dr. Tabor for years rating over a 5

    - Gwendolyn E.
  • Thanks to Dr. Ted, my husband and I can function with our day to day activities without aches. Dr. Diane was a great help during my pregnancy. I recommend Taber Chiropractic to family and friends.

    - Rebecca G.
  • My shoulder is much improved! I have one more appt next week! I'm very content being in the hands of Dr Taber!

    - Maureen W.
  • Very friendly staff. Dr. Taber was attentive to my concerns and pain. He explained everything to me and reassured me that we were gonna do everything needed to get back healthy.

    - Martessa T.
  • Great

    - Theresa M.
  • Timely and excellent service, as always.

    - Jessica B.
  • I felt much better after my first visit. look forward to future visits.

    - Florence C.
  • There are no words that can explain the politeness and friendliness that the staff represents at this office. Keep up the good work.

    - Alvinia C.
  • There are no words that can explain the politeness and friendliness that the staff represents at this office. Keep up the good work.

    - Alvinia C.
  • Very attentive staff and Dr. D. Is great.

    - Marissa S.
  • Excellent practice

    - Olujimi A.
  • Awesome

    - Richardo C.
  • I love the staff and the dynamic husband and wife doctor duo! I recommend them both!!

    - Latara P.
  • Whether your in pain or just for maintenance they great!!!

    - Stephanie C.
  • This is the most pleasant doctor's office l have been to to date.

    - Siziwe M.
  • Awsome, friendly and competent staff. Effective treatments and clean environment.

    - Tony B.
  • Making great improvement

    - Theresa M.
  • great experience

    - Theodore L.
  • Great. Feeling better every day.

    - Theresa M.
  • I love going to Taber Chiropractic. I've been going for over two years now. I'm always greeted with a warm welcome, the staff is very professional and friendly, and the work space and office is always neat and clean. I really enjoy my visits. I couldn't ask for better service.

    - Rodrick W.
  • Friendly, helpful and professional

    - Theresa M.
  • Tharapy works great. Spine adjustments on neck and lower back relieved pain

    - Garry F.
  • I've continued to benefit from the MLS Laser therapy I experienced a few months ago. I've suffered from peripheral neuropathy in my feet and legs for over fifteen years. I'am not diabetic my neurologist cannot give me a reason why I suffer from this so here is no treatment just pain management. Diane used her magic on my legs on the first treatment I could feel nerve endings popping like new life was happening! After about six treatments my numbness was 80% gone in my legs and feet. I've since finished my treatment regiment and continue to feel better every day. My legs are no longer fatigued or feel like they weigh like 100 lbs each. I'am mobile going up and down stairs with confidence. The MLS Laser treatment was painless and well worth the time and expense. If you have this same illness do your self a BIG favor and consult with Dr Diane you may be a prime candidate. Best Wishes, Mike Smollon, Annapolis MD

    - Mike S.
  • Outstanding as usual. One visit got me back on track.

    - Mitchell S.
  • Very professional and knowledgeable staff.

    - Garry F.
  • Good first impression. I felt very comfortable and listened to.

    - Tracy M.


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