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How Do I Know if I Need a New Mattress? Back Pain Solutions

By Dr. Diane Taber, Chiropractor, Bowie, MD

Deciding if you need a new mattress isn’t always easy, but there are clues. Take this quiz.

Do you have back pain upon awakening?

Do you have pain when you try to roll over in bed?

Do you have increased low back pain when you first get up out of a soft couch.

Do you feel better when you sleep at a hotel or travel?

If you answered yes to all 4 questions, your mattress may be too soft. Try this test to confirm. Take 4 large bath towels, open them so they are flat, spread them out and stack them, place the stack under the area of your low back and hips under the sheet. This will add firmness to your mattress, so you can test your theory before you run out and buy a new bed.

Patients often ask me what mattress I recommend. There is no one universal solution for all. Consider, also, that some patients feel better on a softer mattress. I do prefer companies that offer a money back guarantee or allow for exchanges. Some hotels, such as Marriott or Hilton, now sell the same mattresses they feature.   I love this idea… you can try it before you buy it.

If you are having back pain as described above, call our office, Taber Chiropractor and Laser Spine Therapy Center.  Lifestyle changes and education are an important part of our treatment plan.  We are located in Bowie, MD and our chiropractors, Dr. Ted Taber and Dr. Diane Taber, have been seving Bowie, Glenn Dale, Upper Marlboro, Davidsonville, Annapolis, and the surrounding areas since 2000.  We are located conveniently right off Route 50 in the Omni Building loctated next to Khol's and across the street from Lowes 

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Dr. Diane L. Taber, Chiropractor and Co-owner Taber Chiropractic and Laser Spine Therapy Center Diane L. Taber, D.C. Dr. Diane L. Taber has been practicing in Bowie, MD since 2000 with her husband Dr. Ted Taber. She believes in lifestyle changes to support chiropractic treatment and to lessen over all pain and increase quality of life. By maximizing lifestyle changes the patient has a much better quality of life lessening treatment frequency and need for medication.

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