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COVID Alert: Why Does My Neck Hurt While Working at Home?

Neck pain from using a laptop.

Our office serves many government employees in the Bowie area.  They were among the first to be told to work at home.  Unfortuneately, in most cases, these employees do not have the ideal ergonomic situation.  Laying on the couch or sitting at the kitchen island is not ideal, says Dr. Diane Taber (Taber Chiropractic and Laser Spine Therapy Center, Bowie MD). 

The most common symptoms from poor laptop ergonomics are neck pain and stiffness.  If a patient has an underlying cervical disc, the constant forward neck flexion can exacerbate it.  He/she may suddenly feel severe neck pain which can be sharp or dull.  The neck pain may progress into headaches and/or radiate into the shoulder blade, arm, and even into the hands/ fingers.

What can a person do if he/she are feeling neck pain from using a laptop?  First, find the best spot in your house to do work.  You want to find a work surface where you can sit up straight and have good lumbar support.  Lumbar support presses firmly into your low back which helps maintain good posture.  Next, if you don't have one already, invest in a detachable keyboard and mouse.  If you use a detachable keyboard and mouse, you can raise the laptop monitor up on a riser, so that your eye level is at the top of the screen.  To raise the laptop, you may use a box.

These quick fixes can make a world of difference.  if you continue to have neck pain, contact doctors Ted and Diane Taber at Taber Chiropractic and Laser Spine Therapy Center in Bowie, MD.  We are here to help!

Dr. Diane L. Taber, Chiropractor and Co-owner Taber Chiropractic and Laser Spine Therapy Center Diane L. Taber, D.C. Dr. Diane L. Taber has been practicing in Bowie, MD since 2000 with her husband Dr. Ted Taber. She believes in lifestyle changes to support chiropractic treatment and to lessen over all pain and increase quality of life. By maximizing lifestyle changes the patient has a much better quality of life lessening treatment frequency and need for medication.

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